🔌 Simple powerline for Bash.
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Simple powerline implementation, only tested in Bash. It is recommended that you use a font from NerdFonts in order to have proper support for special characters (like the right triangle).


  • Bash
  • Pipx
  • Python 3.5+
  • Linux/macOS
  • jq (If not available, the environment variables cannot be sent from Bash to the powerline server)


$ pipx install nr.powerline
$ source <(nr-powerline --src bash)

On OSX, sourcing a Bash script from /dev/<fd> seems to have some issues, so you may need to write it to a temporary file instead.

if which nr-powerline >/dev/null; then
  function _activate_powerline() {
    local TMP=`mktemp`; trap "rm -f $TMP" RETURN
    nr-powerline --src bash>$TMP
    source $TMP

Copyright © 2020 Niklas Rosenstein