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  Niklas Rosenstein 75c51b2f01
update docs/ 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 1340743668
remove debug print 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein edba080ae0
update "shore changelog" cli and add --markdown option 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 1314d9fca5
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.37 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 31ac79f100
forward "shore bump --force" to "git push" 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 7b5db5055a
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.36 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 323c4eb35a
fix setuptools:wheel target 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 1531a3b0c6
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.35 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 54b9910981
setuptools: fix missing closing parentheses if package is not universal 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein e185b6d647
only produce a universal setup.py if the package is universal 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 741f61be18
add Package.is_universal() method 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein a86cde9150
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.34 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 908892c8a5
fix wrong name in "shore bump" 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 814f294ff1
changelog: secondary components are now rendered inline with the description 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 7dd5e33734
update shore changelog 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 0f7f99d58e
fix shore bump to add the changelog file to the commit when using --tag 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 91c0c0390b
rename .changelog/_unreleased.yml to .changelog/0.0.33.yml 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein ad9f5c4d6f
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.33 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein d2259f80b1
"shore changelog" command now optionally accepts a "version" argument to show the changelog for a specific version 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 08f6a43757
add "issues" field to changelog entry 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein b732abfdf1
update `shore changelog` output formatting 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 5895762b69
shore update 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein dd95a49c18
update changelog 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 8fd0394a72
add "shore changelog -e,--edit" option 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 8f1e725987
"shore bump" now releases the staged changelog 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 1c2f22f36a
add new "shore changelog" command 5 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 35f2c39a91
feat: `setuptools` plugin now exposes a `wheel` build target (close #19) 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 4011eaf188
feat: `shore new` now also renders a `src/test` directory (closes #13) 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 58c799161f
fix: `shore new` command now replaces hyphens with underscores for the created filenames (closes #21) 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 7c6fb81d98
change: rendered setup.py now catches if the README file does not exist 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 7e0ad86526
change: "shore build" command now uses sys.executable as the default Python interpreter for running setup.py and twine (closes #16) 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 9bc66e1aee
"shore new" now creates a .gitignore file 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 94ca3efe5d
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.32 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein a776faf201
fix get_classifiers() caching 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 50c15502ec
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.31.post1 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 2a354a631c
fix MANIFEST.in 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 1a9a35545d
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.31 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 5062642dc9
add "shore-conda-forge" command which has an --update-feedstock option which should come in handy when managing feedstocks for pure Python packages 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein cd0f1b6554
rename dev-install plugin to install-script, the default filename is now bin/install and develop install flag must be passed explicitly with -e,--develop. Also removed the --type option from the rendered install script and added a --pip-args option 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 390c15aad5
shore update 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein c076126f2b
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.30 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein f44059d02b
add "shore bump --allow-lower" option, get_commit_distance_version() now adds "+dirty" even if the distance is 0 if the repo has a diff 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein cfb7132db5
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.29 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 9bedd1754f
generated files no longer contain the Shore version in the remark that the file was automatically generated 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein fbc5156a91
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.28 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein ce9a482fbf
move logic of _commit_distance_version() to shore.utils.version module, it now returns None if the commit distance is 0, _commit_distance_version() now delegates to get_commit_distance_version() and returns the original version unchanged if the commit distance is 0, also adds ".dirty" if the working state is dirty 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 47eec3651b
.drone.yml: add Pip -q flag 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 0e83f00554
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.27 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein f5ead18399
dev-install: sort packages before adding them to networkx.DiGraph, this should ensure a stable outcome from topological_sort() 6 个月前
  Niklas Rosenstein 0aac86dc95
implement disk and runtime caching for PyPI package classifiers 6 个月前