172 Commits (8f1e7259874161004c537eaaf367bbda8c8a17d6)

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  Niklas Rosenstein 8f1e725987
"shore bump" now releases the staged changelog 10 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 1c2f22f36a
add new "shore changelog" command 10 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 35f2c39a91
feat: `setuptools` plugin now exposes a `wheel` build target (close #19) 10 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 4011eaf188
feat: `shore new` now also renders a `src/test` directory (closes #13) 10 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 58c799161f
fix: `shore new` command now replaces hyphens with underscores for the created filenames (closes #21) 10 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 7c6fb81d98
change: rendered setup.py now catches if the README file does not exist 10 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 7e0ad86526
change: "shore build" command now uses sys.executable as the default Python interpreter for running setup.py and twine (closes #16) 10 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 9bc66e1aee
"shore new" now creates a .gitignore file 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 94ca3efe5d
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.32 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein a776faf201
fix get_classifiers() caching 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 50c15502ec
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.31.post1 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 1a9a35545d
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.31 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 5062642dc9
add "shore-conda-forge" command which has an --update-feedstock option which should come in handy when managing feedstocks for pure Python packages 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein cd0f1b6554
rename dev-install plugin to install-script, the default filename is now bin/install and develop install flag must be passed explicitly with -e,--develop. Also removed the --type option from the rendered install script and added a --pip-args option 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein c076126f2b
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.30 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein f44059d02b
add "shore bump --allow-lower" option, get_commit_distance_version() now adds "+dirty" even if the distance is 0 if the repo has a diff 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein cfb7132db5
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.29 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 9bedd1754f
generated files no longer contain the Shore version in the remark that the file was automatically generated 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein fbc5156a91
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.28 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein ce9a482fbf
move logic of _commit_distance_version() to shore.utils.version module, it now returns None if the commit distance is 0, _commit_distance_version() now delegates to get_commit_distance_version() and returns the original version unchanged if the commit distance is 0, also adds ".dirty" if the working state is dirty 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 0e83f00554
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.27 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein f5ead18399
dev-install: sort packages before adding them to networkx.DiGraph, this should ensure a stable outcome from topological_sort() 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 0aac86dc95
implement disk and runtime caching for PyPI package classifiers 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein a15875f526
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.26 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 0d1083d178
warn for deprecated behavior in "shore bump" 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein edb6575ec0
fix default value fir --tag-check option 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein c45905b40b
update "shore verify" command, replace -e,--expect-tag with --tag-check option (which has multiple options to control behavior) and added --update-check option 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein ab88493912
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.25 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 2aa746f6fc
depend on networkx module instead of nr.algo.graph 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 28ed55307f
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.24 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 4a7fdddf6d
dev-install now has a -q,--quiet option 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 3adeff26e3
dev-install now substitutes $PYTHON in $PYTHON_PIP variable 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 7a8d00fa96
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.23 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 73d1816390
Python 2.6 compatibility for dev-install 11 months ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 06899628fd
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.22 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 89e795c8f4
fix bumping of mono-repo inter dependencies 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein c7076f592e
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.21 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein e951621e9a
added --major, --minor, --patch, --post, --snapshot flags to "shore bump", a version generated with --snapshot is now PEP440 compatible 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein e0b1d86154
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.20 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 8b59201a97
add "shore bump --update" flag 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 92d0f66db7
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.19 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 6fc7d043b7
remove test print from dev-install plugin 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 0ac3b4d82f
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.18 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein e0c655dfb3
update dev-install plugin: it now correctly references the directory name for installing with Pip rather than the package or module name 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein eda478dd9d
add Package.get_modulename() and refactor 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein b17222ffbd
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.17 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 1950aa6f14
support "shore verify -t" for mono-versioned monorepos 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 414488eadd
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.16 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 06b862f305
fix dev-install template script 1 year ago
  Niklas Rosenstein 81e70de288
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.15 1 year ago