DEPRECATED -- Rewritten and moved to 🌊 Shore is a distribution and release management tool for pure Python packages.
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Niklas Rosenstein 0ac3b4d82f
(nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.18
1 year ago
core added IBasePlugin.get_default_config() 1 year ago
plugins update dev-install plugin: it now correctly references the directory name for installing with Pip rather than the package or module name 1 year ago
templates fix dev-install template script 1 year ago
util when "shore bump" updates package.yaml files, it triggers an update 1 year ago (nr.shore) bump version to 0.0.18 1 year ago support "shore verify -t" for mono-versioned monorepos 1 year ago update deserialize implementations 1 year ago add Package.get_modulename() and refactor 1 year ago