DEPRECATED -- Rewritten and moved to 🌊 Shore is a distribution and release management tool for pure Python packages.
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Python Packages

Python packages are configured with a package.yaml file. Most of the information will be rendered into the file when running the shore update command.

name: my-package
version: 0.1.0
description: This is my package.
license: MIT
author: Me <>
  - python ^2.7|^3.4  # Indicates that the package is universal
  - click ~7.1.1
    - my-cli = my_package.__main__:cli

Mono Repositories

Monorepositories are configured with a monorepo.yaml file. Packages in the repository must be in folder directly next to the configuration file.

name: my-monorepo
version: null  # Only needed for mono-versioning
mono-versioning: false