DEPRECATED -- Rewritten and moved to 🌊 Shore is a distribution and release management tool for pure Python packages.
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Welcome to the Shore documentation

Shore is an opinionated release management tool for pure Python packages and mono repositories of such. Among it's features is the automatic generation of setuptools files, sanity checks, version number bumping and release publishing as well as changelog management.


Shore can be installed from PyPI:

$ pip install nr.shore

Typical Usage

Initialize a new Python package:

$ shore new my.package .
Write .gitignore
Write package.yaml
Write src/my/
Write src/my/package/
Write src/test/my/
Write src/test/my/package/
Write src/test/my/package/

Generate setuptools files:

$ shore update
❌ 2 check(s) triggered
WARNING (my.package): missing $.url
WARNING (my.package): No LICENSE file found.
⚪ rendering 1 file(s)

Release the initial version:

$ shore bump 0.0.1 --force --tag --push --publish pypi
bumping 2 version reference(s)
  package.yaml: 0.0.1 → 0.0.1
  src/my/package/ 0.0.1 → 0.0.1
tagging 0.0.1
[master f0dd374] (my.package) bump version to 0.0.1

Create a changelog entry:

$ shore changelog --add feature --for cli -m 'Added some useful options.'

Release the next version:

$ shore bump --minor --tag --push --publish pypi

Shore also makes it easy to publish from within CI jobs. For more information on this, check out the Publishing Guide.