DEPRECATED -- Rewritten and moved to 🌊 Shore is a distribution and release management tool for pure Python packages.
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Package Data

There are two methods in which additional files can be shipped alongside a Python package: "data files" and "package data". While files from the former will be copied into a folder relative to sys.prefix, files from the latter will be installed alongside the package and should be accessed with the pkg_resources module.

Using "data files" usually requires some more effort to make it work with an editable installation of your package during development (detecting that your package is currently installed in editable mode and looking for the files in a different location), thus using "package data" is usually the preferred method. However if your additional files contain binaries that need to be present on the file system, "data files" is the better bet.

"Data files" are configured with a special option called datafiles which consists of alist of strings that define which files are to be copied to what location inside sys.prefix as well as patterns for the files to copy. The syntax is <src>[:<dst>],<pattern>,<pattern>....

  - src/datafiles,file.txt
  - src/datafiles:data,!file.txt

Data files are always prefixed with data/<packagename>, thus to access the file at runtime you must add that to the path like this:

os.path.join(sys.prefix, 'data', 'mypackage', 'file.txt')

"Package files" on the other hand can be included by simply specifying them in the file.

- include src/mypackage/data/file.txt
- recursive-include src/mypackage/data/models *.bin

Tip: You can use the shore build command to produce a distribution archive of your package, which you can inspect to ensure the (package) data files are included as expected.